Reflective Journal For Coaches

Reflective Journal For Coaches

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Are you ready to sharpen your coaching skills and deliver better client results?

Coaching is more an art than a set of skills. Coach and client journey together through dialogue. The coach discovers right along side the client.

The more self-aware and reflective the coach is, the more likely he or she will be able to facilitate a self-awareness process within a client. Through journaling you can increase your self-awareness, spot areas for your own personal development, and increase your learning - all in order to deliver better coaching for your clients.

Use The Reflective Journal For Coaches to:

  • Increase your effectiveness as a coach.
  • Be intentional about your own personal development.
  • Enhance your sessions with a mentor-coach or coach supervisor.
  • See progress and themes that show up over time.
  • Deliver better, more valuable, coaching results for your clients.

The Reflective Journal For Coaches includes:

  • Journal space for 60 coaching reflections.
  • Instructions on how to reflect in ways that produce results.
  • Detailed examples of journal entries that go beyond the obvious.
  • 50 powerful reflection questions to stimulate your thinking.

The Reflective Journal for Coaches will assist you to sharpen your coaching skills and provide more value to clients.

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