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Coaching In Asia

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Coaching in Asia is the definitive guide to the principles and practices of empowering personal and organizational change.

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Whether you’re a manager or coach, living in Asia, Europe or elsewhere, Coaching in Asia is packed with case studies and coaching approaches to help you develop greater effectiveness. Each chapter is drawn from the first hand expertise of a diverse group of coaches working in China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and beyond. Coaching is a global phenomenon that is best wrapped in cultural nuances.

Coaching in Asia offers expert guidance on what has been done and more importantly, what is working. It will provide you with the ideas, methods, and practices to enable you to live out your leadership potential and be an agent of change for the good of the world.


“With growth and the changing business environment in Asia has come a great need for executive coaching in Asia. This book is a groundbreaking work on the subject” — Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“This book marks an important milestone in the development of executive coaching in Asia. It provides multiple views of coaching in Asia and the many anecdotes and stories serve to highlight the sometimes subtle nuances of coaching within an Asian context.” — Paul Lim, Director, Centre for Leadership Development, Civil Service College Singapore

Table of Contents

Foreword by Marcia Reynolds
Introduction by Denise Wright

Part One: Coaching Across Cultures

1. Group Executive Coaching in Asia: “Same Same but Different” – Jacki Nicholas & Katherine Twaddell

2. Cross-Cultural Coaching – Keith E. Webb

3. Honouring Who, What and Where You Are: Coaching in Asia – Lilian Ing

4. Leadership Coaching: Inspiration from Asia – Elisabeth Legrain-Fremaux and Michael Fox

5. An Adventure in Amazing Thailand… From CEO coaching to cross-cultural team-building – JeanFrancois

Part Two: Coaching Approaches

6. Facilitating Inspired Change Through Strengths-Based Coaching Conversations – Denise Wright

7. Coaching Through 360 – Dennis Heath

8. Creating Readiness for Coaching in Organisations – Radhakrishnam B Menon

9. Who Coaches Whom: The Case for Internal Coaches – Tony Latimer

10. Maximising The Potential of Future Leaders – Sattar Bawany

Editors: Denise Wright, Anna Leong, Keith E. Webb, and Sam Chia.
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing, August 1, 2010.
Paperback, 183 pages. (For an e-book version, click here.)