What Do You Really, Really Want?

What Do You Really, Really Want?

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Books on business teach concepts and illustrate them with examples along the way. The Business Novel turns that concept on it's head. These books are engaging novels with characters, plot, and drama, that tell a story of someone struggling with and implementing change in their life. Maybe you've read a Patrick Lencioni book or Who Moved My Cheese? Those are short books. Business novels are a full treatment.

Kevin Stebbings, a coaching Instructor, has written a business novel about coaching. It's called, "What Do You Really, Really Want?".

The book is amazing on two levels. First, the story is of a coach who coaches two clients through a series of 6 coaching conversations. We all are interested in seeing good examples of coaching. The coach in Kevin's book illustrates how to form Coaching Series Goals, how to start each session with a clear Outcome and end with Action Steps. You can step into the mind of the coach as he reveals his thinking about why he asks a question. The clients also reveal their thinking about what they value in the coaching sessions. It's great coaching, illustrated. 

The other level that makes this book work are the issues the clients work through. The issues are so real, so fresh, I found myself in the shoes of the client - not the coach! Coaching conversations addressed topics like these:
• Is there more to life than working and paying the bills?
• How can I stop being wiped out by an avalanche emails?
• How do I overcome my tendency to procrastinate?
• What does it take to learn to say no graciously and with confidence?
• How can I move beyond my fear of failure and start pursuing my dreams?
• What can I do to be more focused and less distracted?

Buy What Do You Really, Really Want? and read it. You'll become a better coach, and leader, for doing so.

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