The COACH Model for Christian Leaders
The COACH Model for Christian Leaders
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The COACH Model for Christian Leaders

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New 2019 Revised & Expanded edition with 21% more text!

Do you have the leadership skills you need to solve problems, reach goals, and develop others?

The COACH Model® is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than providing answers, ask questions that draw out what God has already put into others. Learn how to create powerful conversations to assist others to solve their own problems, reach goals, and develop leadership skills in the process.

Whether you are working with employees, teenagers, or a colleague living in another city, you’ll find powerful tools and techniques you need to increase your leadership effectiveness.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Solve problems without having all the answers
  • Help others take responsibility for themselves
  • Ask powerful questions that stimulate creative thinking
  • Lead in a less directive style to empower others
  • Discover and overcome resistance to change
  • Support others to take forward-moving action

The COACH Model for Christian Leaders is packed with stories and illustrations that bring the principles and practice to life.

Based on first-hand experience and taught around the world, The COACH Model® will transform your conversations into powerful learning and action.

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